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✪Date of Birth

✪Account Status





✪FX rate (Current month)


✪CC purch

✪EC purch

✪CC purch num

✪EC purch num



✪LTV purch

✪num Forefit

✪Bonus Amount

✪Bonus Admin

✪Event Name

✪Admin Event Bonus

✪Bonus LTV

✪C/P ratio

✪C/P ratio LTV




✪Games Income

✪Video Poker Income

✪Game Type income

✪income LTV payouts

✪payouts LTV prog

✪contr prog contr

✪LTV cashin

✪cashin LTV

✪loyalty points accumulated


✪Wagering Cycle

✪Wagering Cycle LTV

✪VIP status

✪Postal Address

✪Post Code




✪Home Phone

✪Work Phone

✪Mobile Phone



✪free spins offer

✪id Free Spins Offer

✪Name free spins credited

✪free spins left

✪free spins start date

✪free spin awarded

✪free spins end date


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